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A Fresh Start

The year has changed, yet everything else remains the same! No difference, no interest, nothing exciting. Is it really like that? But if nothing different happened, it will be a year just like the previous one, maybe even worse. And what are you doing about it? Well, what can I do, can I do anything?

Often we feel trapped in various situations and wait for change to come to us as if by magic. A relationship that has stagnated, a job that is no longer interesting, our free time is just “wasted,” and many more. But ask yourself, have things always been this way? If you want a fresh start, the first thing you need to do is to see yourself in the whole situation and ask yourself if you are a hostage to your fate.

What can I do MYSELF to change things? Everything starts from here! Think about which areas of your life you believe are lacking and take a stand. If you want change, be the change yourself.

If your relationship has stalled, what can you do about it? If you want to continue with your partner, be the example and bring about change. If you want surprises from them and they never surprise you, be the one to surprise them first. If you want a promotion or a raise at work, ask for more responsibilities. If you want to be more creative, look for a new hobby or try something that didn’t suit you before; maybe now things will be different.

Since every action causes a reaction, if you want a change, be the change. Start by changing your perspective on the various issues in your life that trouble you. And what better time for a fresh start than now?

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