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Body Shaming or Body Positivity?

Two terms that can be confused, mixed up, and often times we don’t know how to handle. Nowadays, we are in an era where we observe several extremes.

On one hand, there is the body positivity movement, which essentially advocates for accepting our bodies with their perfect imperfections. However, this doesn’t only refer to weight as many might think. It also pertains to various features, such as a possibly not so straight nose, a more unusual face shape, or the size of one’s toes. The goal is to accept that one may not conform to the beauty standards prevalent in a particular period of time. On the other hand, there is the term body shaming, which involves behavior where we make someone feel ashamed of their body with our comments. Here again, the issue is not just about weight.

It’s worth noting that in recent years there has been a significant shift towards healthiness. Healthiness involves an excessive focus on living a life that promotes health. This means eating specific foods, cooking them in a particular way, sleeping at specific times at night, engaging in certain types of exercise, and any deviation from these rules set by the individual for themselves is not acceptable under any circumstances, such as holidays, weekends, or illness.

Many people, wanting to promote their beliefs, especially now with the rise of social media where information spreads rapidly, tend to try to persuade others to adopt their beliefs.

So, the issue here revolves around extremism and fanaticism. No one has the right to criticize someone else’s body, whether it’s about weight or any other characteristic. Our goal should be to work on ourselves and to be accepting of what we cannot change. As for what we want and can change, we should aim to make any changes primarily for ourselves. If there’s something about our body that we want to change, seeking the opinion of a specialist can be very helpful. Avoiding fanaticism and disappointment, loving ourselves and our bodies, and striving for improvements that we deem significant, while also enjoying the journey toward achieving our goals, is essential.

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