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Breakfast in Bed… Therapy for the Soul and Body!

Usually, most people rush in the morning to get ready so they won’t be late for work or any other obligation they have. Try to go to bed a little earlier the previous night so you can wake up with more time, calmly, and enjoy a delightful breakfast in bed. The phrase “breakfast like a king” didn’t come about by chance! Breakfast is what will give us energy to start our day.

A balanced breakfast consists of proteins, a bit of fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium depending on the foods you choose to consume. Breakfast consumption is necessary and has been shown in many studies to be related to more effective weight loss and better maintenance of healthy levels. Breakfast, combined with snacks throughout the day, maintains hormonal balance and prevents blood sugar fluctuations (feeling hungry).

Prepare a nice plate with the things you want to include in your breakfast. You can choose (eggs, orange juice, cereals, yogurt, whole grain bread, tahini, honey, cheese, etc.) and of course, coffee! If you’re not a coffee lover, you can enjoy a hot tea instead.

A good day starts in the morning! A phrase that summarizes the mood that will accompany us throughout the rest of the day or week (if it’s Monday). Especially if your days are full, it’s not something you can easily ignore. Besides having a good breakfast, to start a day that will go well, you need tranquility.

Preparation is the way to save you from unnecessary stress and rushing. Plan your day from the previous one. Choose the clothes you will wear, prepare the things you need to take with you, and finally… set your alarm clock earlier. The few minutes of sleep you will miss out on will offer you the tranquility that will accompany you throughout the day. While others will be rushing, you will already be two steps ahead.

If you want to take it to the next level, include exercise in your morning routine. Running, stretching, or just walking to work? Everything will help increase endorphin levels (the happiness hormone). So, here’s something else you will have done for yourself when before you didn’t know how to fit it in.

So what better way to start your day than to prioritize yourself?

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