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Infidelity! Or is it?

Infidelity, a topic that remains inexhaustible no matter what one may say. For some, infidelity is being in a relationship and looking at someone else, or conversing with someone other than your partner. For others, things are more 'relaxed'. 'Let them look as much as

“The Hollywoodian Passion

When I heard this expression, I must admit that it shook my entire existence. Almost all the expectations and demands we have from love and the resulting relationship are summarized in this phrase. In most romantic movies, the two protagonists manage to overcome all obstacles and

Quarantine and I’m single!

And whoever managed to find a partner, managed! Whether you found your match during normal times or during the lockdown breaks, you're one of the "lucky" ones. Another love story in the time of the pandemic (but a pandemic? Who expected that?!) with an extra

People Emotionally (Un)available.

When something new starts, any relationship with another person, no one knows where it will all end up. In theory, it starts with the best intentions; someone has hopes, someone has expectations, someone is just "playing games," someone is taking a "wait and see" approach.

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day… what plans do you have for that day? If you're single, you might just want to stay home with comfort food, and if you're not single, you absolutely must have grand plans! It's a day that for many is scary whether they're in a

From couple…to parents!

And which of all the changes should you deal with first? A barrage of information, changes, and often demands accompany the new title of the team. We're not just a couple anymore, we're parents now, we're a family! And perhaps we're lost in this huge

Divorce. What should I tell my child now?

Divorce is an intense and emotionally charged event for all involved, especially when there are children in the middle. Effective communication with your child about divorce can significantly impact their psychosomatic well-being and help them navigate the changes that are coming. In this article, we will

Homosexual Couples and Parenthood

In the evolving landscape of family dynamics, the concept of parenthood has surpassed traditional structures. One aspect of this transformation is the increasing visibility and acceptance of homosexual couples as partners and capable parents. It's important to approach this issue with sensitivity, challenging stereotypes and

Unfortunately, something happened to me!

Now that invitations for various gatherings are starting to come in, along come the corresponding dilemmas. Where do you have an obligation to go? Whom should you invite? Whom do you want to avoid but can't? Now, as it is expected that you will have a

The Loneliness of the Holidays

It's a time when even solitary individuals "risk" feeling lonely. Or do they? What is projected by many media outlets, such as television and social media, is that during these days, you should have other people around you. Even if you feel like you'd prefer

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