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The mental cost of the pandemic.

Phrases like "we're experiencing unprecedented situations" and "we're in uncharted waters" have become a daily reality for our lives in recent months. Almost in every social interaction, regardless of age, there will be an exchange of opinions or a discussion about the new reality. Phrases, discussions,

The “right” moment

The right moment, the perfect timing, the fullness of time, and other such expressions attempt to define that one and only moment, those few minutes or even seconds that are ideal for achieving what we want. But what is this moment? It's not yet. I'll know

“Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Some can't get enough of looking at themselves in the mirror, while others don't want to get near it even at a one-meter distance. Not only do they not want to approach it, but if they happen to be close to it, the list of

“The year-end assessment.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the song says, but is it really? Ah, the Christmas holidays… the decorations have started since November, lights everywhere, plans for outings and gatherings have been set in advance, menus have been prepared, etc. etc. And yet,

A Fresh Start

The year has changed, yet everything else remains the same! No difference, no interest, nothing exciting. Is it really like that? But if nothing different happened, it will be a year just like the previous one, maybe even worse. And what are you doing about

The Traumas of the Past

My mother abandoned us when I was born, my parents divorced when I was young, my mother was a drug addict, my parents worked abroad, and I grew up with my grandparents; my father was an alcoholic, and he used to hit my mother. Will

When will you become a mother?

How do you feel about this question? I often hear it as pressure… When will you become a mother? What makes this question so annoying? The presumption? The intrusiveness? One element that makes this question improper is that someone assumes that a woman wants to become

The existential crisis at 25.

When we hear about an existential crisis, we usually have middle age in mind. Somewhere around 50 is when we hear about people who suddenly start to exhibit "strange" behaviors, unexpected purchases of expensive cars, resignations from work, three-month trips, infidelities in marriage. However, things

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