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“Quarantine Season 2

And here comes the moment most of us dreaded. A general lockdown across the country. So, since it happened, the only thing you can do is choose how to manage it all. On one hand, you could sit and lament your fate, constantly wondering 'why did


A series that could be described as a "sensation," to say the least. It left few people indifferent; either you loved it or you hated it. But what could be the reason for this? An idyllic, small island, with crystal blue waters, where everything seems to

Victims of Patriarchy

When you hear "patriarchy," you might imagine women accusing men and talking about their oppressed rights. Equality or equal treatment? Opinions like "on the first date, the man should always pay" or "a real man should always be able to provide for his family." Very

Therapy Dogs

Abroad, pets and especially dogs are often not just companions and friends but also working animals in various fields. In Greece, when we hear about this, we usually think of police dogs or search and rescue teams, and more rarely as guide dogs for the

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