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Closed, due to the need to take on responsibilities.

And what’s wrong with someone feeling young? Or having the vitality of a child? It’s one thing to feel a certain way and another to behave accordingly. There lies the big difference!

The unknown is often scary. And the known may be unpleasant but it’s also safe. Depending on the stage of life we’re in, we’re called upon to make the corresponding changes, or rather, to better align with our age. But what happens when these changes terrify us and we do everything to avoid them?

“I’m 32 years old and I work four hours a day, not because there’s no possibility to increase my hours in the company, but… well, I’m fine like this! Someday I’ll do that too!”

“I’m 29 and all my friends are 20. That’s how I feel like I am too. I never happened to hang out with people my age.”

“I have the financial ability to live alone, but why should I when everything is ready for me at home and I don’t need to take on extra tasks?”

Such “disagreements” are more worrisome when they appear at various points in our lives. Often we may think they stem from a lack of security, self-confidence. But the truth is that the root of the problem is fear. If I don’t take a step forward, success is guaranteed! And it’s guaranteed because there won’t be any risk, hence no fatigue or possible failure. It’s easier to stay with your parents than to have to do laundry and cook for yourself. It’s easier to work four hours and complain about the little money you make than to work double the hours. It’s easier to hang out with younger people who won’t remind you that your peers have moved forward and you’re stuck in your familiar and safe life, just like they were five years ago.

Not taking responsibility and not taking the next step, however, also means not taking life into your own hands. And life goes by, and every age may have its difficulties and risks, but it also has many opportunities and pleasures that you can try.

But how much longer will you allow yourself to remain on the threshold and not experience the real strength and resilience you have within you? After all, if you don’t take risks, you’ll never learn!”

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