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From couple…to parents!

And which of all the changes should you deal with first? A barrage of information, changes, and often demands accompany the new title of the team. We’re not just a couple anymore, we’re parents now, we’re a family! And perhaps we’re lost in this huge change? Parents, friends, and acquaintances give us a bunch of advice, but which one should we apply first?

The mother should breastfeed, the father should change the diapers, you should cook, and I should do the vacuuming, you go to the supermarket, the baby is crying, crying again, finally, he fell asleep, let’s sleep. And beyond sharing responsibilities and often escalating tension, what else happens? Now you’re parents, you have obligations!

But why does no one pay attention to the obligations towards ourselves anymore? A couple has already created its own unique system of operation. With the birth of a child, especially the first one, many changes occur to which this new system must respond. But did anyone say that arguments, disagreements, nerves, and fatigue are part of the game? Roles must be shared, and this will bring not only smiling new parents who manage everything perfectly but also quite a bit of tension.

You won’t stop being a parent, but keep in mind your partner in all this. This is the moment when the couple must remain a couple. Honest and continuous communication is essential; you’re not just a family, you’re also a couple, and together you’ll find a way to cope with this new situation.

Allocate time for each other, even if it’s difficult. Keep doing things together as a couple, even if it means having a drink date in the living room. Especially at this moment, the couple needs each other, and it’s necessary to feel the interest, love, and appreciation of the other member.

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