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Seasonal depression and emotional overeating.

Often the change of seasons, and more specifically the arrival of autumn, can bring feelings of melancholy and lethargy. This condition, known as seasonal depression, shares many characteristics with what we know as depression, with the difference being that it occurs periodically and in correlation

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The mental cost of the pandemic.

Phrases like "we're experiencing unprecedented situations" and "we're in uncharted waters" have become a daily reality for our lives in recent months. Almost in every social interaction, regardless of age, there will be an exchange of opinions or a discussion about the new reality. Phrases, discussions,

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The “right” moment

The right moment, the perfect timing, the fullness of time, and other such expressions attempt to define that one and only moment, those few minutes or even seconds that are ideal for achieving what we want. But what is this moment? It's not yet. I'll know

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“Quarantine Season 2

And here comes the moment most of us dreaded. A general lockdown across the country. So, since it happened, the only thing you can do is choose how to manage it all. On one hand, you could sit and lament your fate, constantly wondering 'why did

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Infidelity! Or is it?

Infidelity, a topic that remains inexhaustible no matter what one may say. For some, infidelity is being in a relationship and looking at someone else, or conversing with someone other than your partner. For others, things are more 'relaxed'. 'Let them look as much as

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“The Hollywoodian Passion

When I heard this expression, I must admit that it shook my entire existence. Almost all the expectations and demands we have from love and the resulting relationship are summarized in this phrase. In most romantic movies, the two protagonists manage to overcome all obstacles and

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Quarantine and I’m single!

And whoever managed to find a partner, managed! Whether you found your match during normal times or during the lockdown breaks, you're one of the "lucky" ones. Another love story in the time of the pandemic (but a pandemic? Who expected that?!) with an extra

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“The year-end assessment.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the song says, but is it really? Ah, the Christmas holidays… the decorations have started since November, lights everywhere, plans for outings and gatherings have been set in advance, menus have been prepared, etc. etc. And yet,

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