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From a distance

In case the distance is an issue or if the physical presence is impossible, we can work from a distance with the contribution of technology and at the same time keep the quality of our work to the maximum.


It is impressive how many people may face the same or a similar issue as we do. In the safe place of the group, we may receive the support that we need so as to overcome our difficulties. The days and hours of the groups

Career counselling

For teenagers and not only. Whether it is time for you choose an academic field or a profession, or just because what you already do for a living does not fulfill your dreams. Through our sessions we will explore and highlight your inclinations and interests,


An age spectrum that is considered to be very “heavy” due to the hormones and the additional life changes that it contains. The adolescent tries to leave behind their childhood and to conquer their independence, as they enter the adult world. This is one of


Children frequently have a hard time putting what is troubling them and making them uncomfortable into words. So, their only way to convey their troubles is through some behaviours that an adult would characterise as “inappropriate” or “inexplicable”. Our purpose here is to comprehend what

Family Therapy

The arrival of children, their upbringing, and cohabitation with them during adulthood may bring various issues among the members of a family. As the needs of the children and adults, later on, change an imbalance may occur in the structure of the whole family system.

Individual Session

During the individual session, the client and I process together the matters that concern them. Sometimes, these may regard unresolved issues of the past or may come up due to the daily situations with which we struggle. Through a combination of various approaches and techniques,

Couples therapy

The number of issues that may trouble a couple can be resolved through the improvement of their communication. Such an issue could be a period of changes, such as the creation of a family or an upcoming divorce, which seems impossible to handle in relation

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