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Quarantine and I’m single!

And whoever managed to find a partner, managed! Whether you found your match during normal times or during the lockdown breaks, you’re one of the “lucky” ones. Another love story in the time of the pandemic (but a pandemic? Who expected that?!) with an extra dose of romance for when you tell your story. But what about those who haven’t found their chosen one and don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel?

With scenarios of upcoming lockdowns until spring and the Christmas holidays on the horizon, many are on edge with anxiety! “How will I meet people now with the shops closed? I can’t even meet through common friends anymore! And it looks like we’ll miss out on Christmas dinners too! Any hope? Let’s please put a stop here and take a deep breath to look at the situation more calmly!

You won’t be left alone and deserted in life, nor will you be left with nothing, unless you choose such a path. Panic and despair haven’t benefited anyone except for later when you tell sad stories to your friends and complain about the wrong choices of partners you constantly make.

So, let’s start from square one! Straighten up and look at the situation calmly. Sure, being in a relationship is nice, but isn’t it also nice to live your independence? Not having to wonder where someone is and what they’re doing? Even having to “have” to talk when you’re not in the mood. And the worst part? In this period of complaining and misery, you don’t need to hear more complaining?

That’s how you try to regain your composure and then move on to the next steps. How do you overcome rejection? People you liked but never dared to talk to? One? Five? Ten? Make the list, weigh the pros and cons, gather courage, and make the move to talk to them. No one signs a contract because you sent a “Hi! How are you?” and you’re not irreparably exposed because the other person has figured EVERYTHING out.

How about social media? Is it time to try a dating app? Obviously, you’ll talk to strangers, obviously, you don’t know them. But what’s wrong with talking and maybe even flirting from the comfort and safety of your home? It’s like practice. And maybe something good will come out of it, you never know.

Of course, you might run into someone you know, like an old classmate for example. But why not give it a try? You were a different person back then and so were they. Maybe they’ve changed too.

Above all, remember that “This too shall pass.” So, make the most of it without stress and panic in this area!

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