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“Quarantine Season 2

And here comes the moment most of us dreaded. A general lockdown across the country. So, since it happened, the only thing you can do is choose how to manage it all.

On one hand, you could sit and lament your fate, constantly wondering ‘why did this happen to me?’ I wonder, how beneficial would that be for you? Because apart from a few guaranteed panic attacks, I don’t see any other usefulness.

And the second option is to survive and thrive! How? By creating your own survival plan!

Firstly, review the previous quarantine. How did you spend your time then? Did you binge-watch series and movies, read books, socialize, or did absolutely nothing? Now ask yourself what you really need at this moment.

Make a schedule! The absence of a schedule and the presence of chaos can significantly disorient the mind. Like the ‘Sunday depression’, when you’ve been running all week and suddenly feel lost because you have absolutely nothing to do. So, create a schedule that includes everything you want to do, even with time slots.

Create! Make a new dish or dessert, paint, keep a journal, exercise in a foreign language you already know. This way, your brain will continue to be stimulated, creating new connections (the opposite of what they call ‘burning my brain cells’), you’ll be one step further from dementia, and you’ll feel more productive.

‘Travel’! When was the last time you peacefully read a good book? Or enjoyed a movie without interruptions and without the anxiety of waking up early? Now you have the chance.

Clear up! Clearing out your clothes and various things you’ve collected at home over time is a task that’s perpetually postponed. Get rid of all the useless stuff or tidy up the mess, you’ll feel lighter. Very beneficial for yourself in the current situation, as we want to strengthen our positive feelings.

Socialize! Even from afar, thanks to so many social apps, get in touch with all the people you want. Also, it’s an opportunity to find out ‘what should so-and-so do?’ that you wonder about from time to time. No one will find it strange that you remembered them after a while. On the contrary, in the current phase, we all need more communication.

Find yourself! Among everything, perhaps it’s time to do the most ‘frightening’ thing of all: spend time with yourself. Where are you right now, what have you achieved so far, and where would you like to go? Make your plans and redefine some ‘mistakes’ from the past. Perhaps it’s also the right time to start therapy and discover your fascinating self as well as the reasons why you deserve TO LOVE YOURSELF!”

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