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The Loneliness of the Holidays

It’s a time when even solitary individuals “risk” feeling lonely. Or do they? What is projected by many media outlets, such as television and social media, is that during these days, you should have other people around you. Even if you feel like you’d prefer to be by yourself, perhaps something inside you forces you to think differently.

The idea that everyone is having fun permeates the air. The feeling of loneliness, even when you’re with people, can become unbearable, especially when you don’t feel as you’d expect. But even if you are indeed alone, loneliness is something entirely normal to be afraid of given the current circumstances. Especially now, you need to listen to yourself more than ever. You need to evaluate your needs without judging them and be open and free from the patterns of what is potentially expected from you. After all, patterns exist to be broken and changed.

One way to address loneliness is to first acknowledge it. Take stock of how you got to where you are now and what you could change. The question is, are you truly alone, or are you making this choice? What can you change in this situation? Perhaps sending a message or making a call to someone you’ve been neglecting to contact for a while could be a good start.

Nevertheless, feeling lonely at times doesn’t necessarily have to prevent you from having a good time, even if you’re alone. Give a little extra love to yourself and do things that make you feel good and enjoy yourself above all.

Remember that the person you should like the most is You! Whatever you choose, value yourself, without expecting that there won’t be any negative feelings and difficult moments.

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