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The psychology of Christmas

The balconies adorned with decorations are constantly increasing, bakeries and pastry shops are filled with traditional sweets of the season, and radios play the familiar festive songs. But it doesn’t end there, as television, both regular and subscription-based, showcase a plethora of romantic comedies, also known as rom-coms. There’s an idea floating around that people only have love in their hearts and no other emotion. The idea of loneliness is non-existent, and even solitary individuals find bosom friends and spend these cold days together, warming their hearts.

However, there are “some,” perhaps even “a few,” of us who don’t take time off from our jobs during Christmas because we don’t want to! We don’t have plans to socialize with acquaintances, friends, and relatives during these days; instead, we count down the days to get through them.

Here it is worth mentioning and wondering about the expectations we have about Christmas. No one talks about the loneliness that many people experience—people who have gone through breakups, people who remember loved ones they have lost during the holidays, and people who are alone, either far from their loved ones or without any family at all.

It’s as if there’s a climate of prohibition against discussing unpleasant things, only promoting the image of harmony and tranquility. It’s extremely funny when you think about the people who find themselves at family tables but ultimately wish they had never gone.

The point is, while these specific days may have become associated with certain expectations, it doesn’t mean that you can’t challenge the expectations of others and become an advocate for your own personal desires and expectations. Perhaps your expectations need a reassessment?

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