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The “right” moment

The right moment, the perfect timing, the fullness of time, and other such expressions attempt to define that one and only moment, those few minutes or even seconds that are ideal for achieving what we want.

But what is this moment? It’s not yet. I’ll know it when it’s here! And how will you know? Will the moment come and tell you, “I’m here, go for it!”? Hmm, I think that’s quite difficult. What do you think? Will you feel it then? And if yes, how?

So, what hides behind the theory of the right moment? It’s Fear! Not so much the fear of finally taking action, but the fear of the outcome. I’ve wanted this raise for so long! I’ve worked so hard, and I’m going to ask for it! But of course, now that I think about it, maybe it’s not the right moment after all! Let some time pass! And thus, several months or even years have passed. Does the “scenario” seem familiar to you? If not, know that it also appears in other versions. I want my relationship with him to progress, how much longer will this uncertainty continue? I want my friends to meet him, but it’s not the right timing yet! And many other such examples, which may not seem related at first glance. However, they share a common root: the fear of the outcome!

And what will happen if you don’t get the raise? And what will happen if you do get it? And if he never wants to meet your friends because in his mind, you’re just having a good time while in yours, there are plans for the future? Have you “settled” into the situation of uncertainty? Both possible answers will bring some result. Do you really want to find out and break free from this endless cycle of thoughts that bring headache? If yes, then the solution is one: set aside your fear and take action! Only then can you move forward. If you want something, ask for it, claim it. And if you don’t get it? Make a new plan, with the knowledge you’ve gained from your previous attempt!

The right moment is one, it’s now!

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