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The Traumas of the Past

My mother abandoned us when I was born, my parents divorced when I was young, my mother was a drug addict, my parents worked abroad, and I grew up with my grandparents; my father was an alcoholic, and he used to hit my mother. Will I always seek the love of the person I never received? Will I become like that too? I fear loneliness! I’m afraid… in general… I’m afraid…

Stories so different yet so similar at the same time. Children and adolescents who didn’t get to feel the love of one or both of their parents. The common thread in all these examples is the feeling of abandonment, which the child or adolescent has experienced and continues to carry into adulthood. This can often lead to fear and difficulty connecting with others, or conversely, difficulty ending relationships that cause unpleasant emotions. But can this change, or are we doomed?

It’s like the elephant in the room. It’s there, and we all see it, but no one says anything. If we pretend it doesn’t exist, it will disappear! Or will it?

To break free from the past, you need strength and courage. As soon as you face the problem head-on, the floodgates open. You’re overwhelmed by emotions that you fear you can’t handle, an unresolved grief. There seems to be no salvation… And yet, there is…!

You have the power not to let your past influence your entire future life. You can change things. Decide to take the step and with the help of a mental health professional, start seeing what you’ve hidden “under the rug.”

What you need is support. You can break free from the pattern of the wounded and abused child and live better days. Asking for help shows courage, not weakness!

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