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“The year-end assessment.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the song says, but is it really?

Ah, the Christmas holidays… the decorations have started since November, lights everywhere, plans for outings and gatherings have been set in advance, menus have been prepared, etc. etc. And yet, this holiday is such a controversial one.

It’s the time when most people prepare to assess the year, whether in their professional or personal lives, or in all aspects. Did I get a promotion? Did I lose the weight I wanted? Did I find the right partner? Did I make the amount of money I planned? Did I achieve all the goals I set? These are questions aimed to be answered in the best possible way, as the year comes to a close and the next one begins, where new goals need to be set, more goals, higher goals, and so on, a continuous struggle for improvement. Could it be! But then it wouldn’t be called an effort for improvement. It would be called a desire for improvement. Effort requires hard work, while desire stems from within.

Oops, and there are those remarks at family dinners about your personal life, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or taking the next step. “Why don’t you have a child now while you’re still young?” Even the more blunt ones like “Since you’re not married, I put you at the kids’ table,” when you’re 30 and the kids are around 14! And others like, “Hmm, didn’t you get the promotion? Maybe you didn’t try hard enough. Try harder next year!” If something is wrong and you’re not making enough money, and many more.

Essentially, it’s another pressure on your head, from people you might not even like! But the point is that you can’t teach good manners to those you interact with, nor can you explain to them why your life and decisions are none of their concern. What you can do is respond in a way that shows them they’ve crossed boundaries!

And above all, no one lives your life! If they could, they would! It’s the time when your year-end assessment should be gratitude and appreciation for yourself for ACHIEVING what you have reached today! To appreciate the person you are and to reflect on what you’ve been through this year without giving them the necessary importance.

Allow yourself to enjoy the festive atmosphere and above all, make it a goal to love yourself a little more this year! And if you didn’t achieve something, so what? You only answer to yourself and no one else. Don’t put more pressure on yourself and don’t let anyone offend you in any way.

Make the greatest gift to yourself this year, to love and appreciate yourself!”

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