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Unfortunately, something happened to me!

Now that invitations for various gatherings are starting to come in, along come the corresponding dilemmas. Where do you have an obligation to go? Whom should you invite? Whom do you want to avoid but can’t?

Now, as it is expected that you will have a busy schedule wanting to thank everyone, the question arises as to whether you really want to prioritize others over yourself.

These are the days when whether you work or not, theoretically you should either host tables or attend gatherings yourself. The point here is to choose what you really want to do, how you would enjoy yourself.

The expectations of the days want you to have a blast and enjoy wherever you are. However, there are not a few who drink more hoping to achieve this mental state, but without much success.

If you see it as just another day like all the others, then it will be easier to turn down an invitation. However, if you believe that these days are special, then keep in mind that you owe it to yourself to enjoy a little more by doing what you would like.

Always remember that no matter how you choose to spend these days, you and yourself alone will take stock.

Criticism from others is something that even if it crosses your mind, know that whatever you do is likely to be commented on.

Fortify yourself, as you owe it to yourself, and have a good time as you see fit!

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