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Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day… what plans do you have for that day? If you’re single, you might just want to stay home with comfort food, and if you’re not single, you absolutely must have grand plans!

It’s a day that for many is scary whether they’re in a relationship or not. If you’re not in a relationship and being in one is something you want but don’t have right now, you’re doomed to see hearts, flowers, and movies everywhere that scream “love at first sight”! But even if you are in a relationship, you might feel obligated to give a gift, an expensive gift, not a cheap one, a good gift, a better gift, not the same as last year, and so on…

And if you don’t care about this day because you see it as highly commercialized, why should you feel pressured about something everyone else is doing? Why do you have to do something specifically on that day to show your love?

And if you see that on that day, your partner shows their love, what’s wrong with that? Is love guaranteed for all the other days? Have you hitched your wagon, so you can relax?

Quite interestingly, if the same person on that day has given a gift not only to their partner but also to someone else. Oops! Looks like someone didn’t pay attention to their credit card bills…

Pay attention to what you want and how you feel best. You’re not obligated to follow every trend and societal command. And why not, if you don’t want to be alone on that day, plan something with your friends; there are plenty of horror-themed movies dedicated specifically to that day!

On the other hand, if you’re the romantic type and see it as an opportunity to show your love to your partner, why not?! A romantic home-cooked meal or an equally romantic delivery are pretty good ideas. Not into cooking? A drink date in the living room it is! It doesn’t matter if you’ll be indoors; take care of yourself and show your partner that their company matters more to you than the venue.

What matters is doing what makes you feel good!

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