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Victims of Patriarchy

When you hear “patriarchy,” you might imagine women accusing men and talking about their oppressed rights. Equality or equal treatment? Opinions like “on the first date, the man should always pay” or “a real man should always be able to provide for his family.” Very interesting, but it seems that here, women who have been placed in the position of the princess waiting for the man-partner to save them, whether we’re talking about a video game like Super Mario or a classic fairy tale, aren’t talking about their rights.

To add insult to injury, as a category towards women, it’s as if they expect everything from a man. Generations and generations have grown up with the idea that a woman is both a servant and a mistress in her own home. A servant, to do all the household chores and take care of all the family members, and a mistress because? Oh yes! Because she doesn’t need to work and bring money home. So, “she has everything ready!”

However, when women work, another opinion arises, “don’t show so much strength! You scare men!” But what’s the real problem? Do you scare men because you show that you can survive as a woman on your own? Hmm, could it be that from the perspective of patriarchal culture, where a man is supposed to be the protector and provider of his family, he’s now rendered useless? And if that’s indeed true, what is the role of a man in the end?

The sweet traditional mom, who raised her son with so much effort to one day become a great and noble protector of his own family, looking at his career and development, has until now been cherished in her home. But how can it suddenly transform into a fool who’s been bewitched by this “undressed” woman? Did the son-man dare to express an opinion and choose a woman other than the one his parents deemed suitable and worthy of him?

Tsk, tsk, tsk! How impressive is the transformation of the thoughtful son into a spineless creature manipulated by women as they please! Fortunately, though, patriarchy means that women nag us about equality. But could it be that there are other victims of patriarchy besides those we think?

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