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When will you become a mother?

How do you feel about this question? I often hear it as pressure… When will you become a mother? What makes this question so annoying? The presumption? The intrusiveness?

One element that makes this question improper is that someone assumes that a woman wants to become a mother. You’ll become a mommy too, and you’ll understand! It’s like this title is some sort of badge! When you become a mother, you’ll become a member of some “elite,” and if you don’t want to, you’ll be seen as someone who doesn’t want to take life seriously and isn’t worth being around. And yet, it’s not just you who thinks about these things!

It’s your right not to want to become a mother now, it’s your right not to want to become a mother at all, and above all, it’s your right to set boundaries with anyone who puts you in this difficult position. No one has the right to dictate your life, and of course, not all people are destined for the same purpose.

Don’t trample your dreams to fit into foreign molds that will only bring you repression and unhappiness. You have the right to answer that this concerns no one else but you and your partner, if you have that moment.

Don’t feel bad if you have different dreams and expectations from your life. Everyone can choose a different path in life from what may be considered a societal norm.

The more you allow others to disrespect your boundaries, the more they will trample on them. Have yourself and your desires as a priority!

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